The impossible becomes more possible when specialists from all continents work together. The foundation of the FemiMea centre is the well-established academic knowledge, many years of medical practice and the latest global discoveries in the field of medicine. A woman is always the most important – her health, intimacy and comfort. Doctors use the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

The founder of FemiMea is Wojciech Homola MD, PhD.

Comfort and intimacy

A gynaecological visit is an examination that requires special attention, intimacy and delicacy. Gynaecological armchairs are modern and colourful. The patient, entering the office, sees a smiling doctor behind a desk. There are two chairs – for her, maybe also for a partner. The gynaecological chair is behind the wall. There is a bathroom. We strongly believe that: “A well-collected interview shows the intelligence of a doctor.” First, we talk, then we examine.

Patients write: a professional, cultural doctor explains in an understandable way and devotes as much time to the patient as it is required. And these are the words that best describe how we work. At FemiMea we order laboratory tests and we get the results online at the same time as the patient. The doctor reads them and can react faster. The patient has comprehensive care, from A to Z.

I want the patient to feel 100% taken care of so that she knows that her problem will be diagnosed quickly and that the best possible actions will be implemented. Safety is just as important as talking and smiling. If the problem goes beyond my specialization, I also try to advise the patient which specialist should she go to, including the fact that I call another doctor to whom I entrust this patient. I do not leave the patient only with a medical diagnosis: you have a uterine polyp and you do not get pregnant. I talk, talk, translate, listen and even draw.”

– emphasizes Wojcieh Homola.