Nowadays ladies are giving birth at a later age. Many women have a menstrual disorder. There is a lot of insulin resistance that prevents you from becoming pregnant. Appropriate diagnostics and hormonal guidance are needed in order to become pregnant.

At FemiMea we conduct:

  • Diagnostic examination: ultrasound (we monitor ovulation), fallopian tube patency test with use of the non-invasive HY-CO-SY method, hysteroscopy, hormonal and immunological diagnosis


Wojciech Homola MD, PhD

“It’s important to have an action plan, just to outline exactly what will happen so that patients wouldn’t have to worry between the visits.

Especially if we face a multi-stage problem, i.e. in the case of diagnosis and treatment of infertility, when there is a couple who have been trying to get pregnant for two years and some tests have already been done- there is a chaos in the examination process. You need to create a plan. I usually draw the uterus on a piece of paper and explain why we do need to do the tests, I say what the fallopian tubes are, what the uterus cavity looks like and we specify exactly what, when and where do we do. When the patient sends me an email, I reply.”