• diagnosis of pregnancy
  • prenatal examinations (I trimester)
  • examination of free foetal DNA to detect genetic defects
  • half-way tests (II trimester)
  • III trimester examination with reassessment of anatomy, estimated foetal weight, foetal water volume, foetal blood flow
  • CTG examination

Technologies develop in such a way that a patient who is in the centre of FemiMea will have a high comfort, e.g. during a half-examination, when we carefully examine the child, we also take pictures that are automatically sent to the patient’s smartphone.
During the ultrasound examination, there is a special monitor in front of the couch, on which the patient clearly sees the image of her child.
In the KTG office, when the baby’s heart rate and uterine contractions are examined, calm music is being played. The midwife, while at her place, sees the examination on the monitor.