Why to choose femimea?

Because we like our patients. The foundation of the FemiMea centre is well-established academic knowledge, many years of medical practice and the latest global discoveries in the field of medicine. A woman is always the most important – her health, intimacy and comfort.

Our doctors use the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

We belive that:

  • The patient is the most important

    Each of the ladies is different, needs a dedicated approach. They have only one thing in common - they want an accurate diagnosis and quick treatment. We stay in touch - you can write SMS, send emails.

  • Conversation first, then Examination

    Communication is part of the treatment. That is why we explain in detail what the disease is, discuss possible pathways and create a treatment plan. Sometimes our doctors even draw.

  • Continuous training and raising qualifications as a guarantee of effective treatment

    The world is changing so fast that you must constantly learn to be able to treat effectively. We work with doctors from all over the world - we take part in trainings, participate in courses, gain certificates in order to help our patients every day.

  • We diagnose and treat using modern medical equipment

    Medical devices thanks to the technology of the 21st century have been becoming more and more accurate and precise even though some tests have been performed for almost a hundred years. Modern ultrasound scanners allow earlier detection of foetal defects, use of the phenomenon of electrical resistance (ZedScan) or modern dyeing, allow for faster recognition of precancerous conditions and effective healing of the patient.

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